ACLA 2014

Imagined Originals, Original Translations: Putting Pseudotranslation on the Map

At the ACLA 2014, I organized as seminar on “Imagined Originals, Original Translations: Putting Pseudotranslation on the Map”; this is the program:

Friday, March 21: “Writing”

Deceitful Fictions: The Creative Potential of Pseudotranslation in 19th century Egypt
Spencer Scoville, Brigham Young U

‘A Distant Copyist’: Translation and Charlotte Smith’s Elegiac Sonnets
Catherine DeRose, U of Wisconsin-Madison

Traduzioni immaginarie: Fortini’s pseudotranslations between multipolar authoriality and (inter)cultural manipulation
Irene Fantappiè, Humboldt U of Berlin

The Ideal Authorship of Joseph Smith: Pseudo-Translation as Religious Experience
R Williams, Yale English Dept.

Saturday, March 22: “Politics”

Made Up in China: the Edmund Backhouse Forgeries in Context
Moira Weigel, Yale

Miguel de Luna’s “translation” of The True History of King Roderick: a Moorish counter-history
Ana Méndez-Oliver, Columbia U

The Satirist as the Translator of a Translation: Jonas Clopper’s Fragments of the History of Bawlfredonia (1819)
Christian Quendler, U of Innsbruck

Sunday, March 23: “Reading”

Pseudotranslation as Meta-Allegory in Nathaniel Hawthorne
Linda Liu, Stanford

Ghosts in the translation machine: linguistic resistance and textual engineering in James Kelman’s Translated Accounts
Fiona Doloughan, The Open U

Re-reading pseudo-translation (in the 18th century and beyond)
Beatrijs Vanacker, KU Leuven – Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)

Original Translation: Rethinking pseudotranslation for Comparative Literature
Brigitte Rath, Innsbruck U / Princeton U

Please contact Brigitte Rath ( with any questions regarding this seminar.

Here is the original Call for Papers for this seminar.

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