ACLA 2015

Double frames: authors, texts, audiences in original translation

At the ACLA 2015, Beatrijs Vanacker and I organize a seminar on “Double frames: authors, texts, audiences in original translation”; this is the program:

Friday, March 27th

Authorial fictions in/and original translation
Beatrijs Vanacker, KU Leuven / FWO (Research Foundation Flanders)

Liliane Welch: Word-House of a Grandchild : Multiple underlying languages for a trans-border European and a Canadian frame
Marie-Anne Hansen-Pauly, University of Luxembourg

Béla Balázs & the “Chinese Dreams” of Early German Film Theory
Moira Weigel, Yale University

Je est un autre: The Curious Case of Vernon Sullivan
Alya El Hosseiny, New York University

Saturday, March 28th

Mediating the Past: Translation and History in the works of C.F Meyer
Maeve Hooper, University of Chicago

Empire in Crisis: “Translating” the Origins of the Spanish Nation
Ana Méndez-Oliver, Columbia University

Validating State Power, Extending Censorship: Functions of Pseudo-translations in Franco’s Spain
Inci Sariz, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Original Translation and Censorship in Colonial Korea
Heekyoung Cho, University of Washington

Sunday, March 29th

The omphalos of Original Translation. Fiction, Creation, and Imagination
Brigitte Rath, Freie Universität Berlin

Forging Bhakti: Translation, Conversion and Fraud in the Ezourvedam
Tara Menon, Yale University

“Double consciousness and dissonant residues: translation as a motor of critique and invention in Xiaolu Guo’s I Am China”
Fiona Doloughan, The Open University

Original Translation: A Paradox?
Mary Helen McMurran, University of Western Ontario

This promises to be an exciting seminar! All ACLA participants are very welcome to attend our sessions. The seminar is scheduled for Stream B (10:30-12:10) and will take place in Suite Parlor 11. If you’d like to take a look at precirculated reading material, please email me (

Here is the Call for Papers for this seminar.

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